Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. (John 11v5 NIV)

He loves you just as much. 

There is no limit. 

He isn’t concerned or impressed with your social or economic background. 

He doesn’t favour the successful. 

He doesn’t look to the intelligent and the strong. 

You are not disqualified if you are not an achiever. 

Don’t disqualify yourself.

How much do you love your life?

Ask Him why He made you.

Ask Him how much He loves you.

Write down what He tells you. 

Ask Him regularly how much He loves you. 

It will take time to fully appreciate it. 

It is a process of having it embed it into your DNA. 

Re-read regularly what you have written and declare it, every day, out loud. 

You can love Him deeply and passionately.

(from ‘Wipe His Feet with Your Tears’ by Warren George)