It is when a person walks at night that they stumble, for they have no light.” (John 11v10 NIV)

If you are led by your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are being led by something unreliable. 

Walking in the light means to walk by the light of the Holy Spirit. 

That light is inside of you.

How bright is it?

Has it dimmed?

Has all hope, joy and passion evaporated?

There is only one absolute truth. 

There are no certainties except Jesus. 

His reality is greater than yours.

He is The Light not a light. 

He is The Truth not a truth. 

There is hope and His name is Jesus.

He came that you might have life, here and now, in abundance. 

Let that light in you burn brightly. 

He doesn’t want you in that dark place. 

Don’t stumble around in the dark.

Come into the glare of His light.

It will be life to you. 

No more stumbling around in the dark.


(from ‘Wipe His Feet with Your Tears’ by Warren George)