His disciples replied, “Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better.” 
(John 11v12 NIV)

They completely missed the point. 
I wonder how many times we miss the point. 
Listen carefully to what He says. 

Especially if He asks you a question. 
He isn’t asking you because He doesn’t know. 
But your answers are important. 

So don’t try to fudge it. 
Talk to Him but especially listen to Him. 
In the context of the story the disciples’ answer seems a bit silly.

Almost unspiritual. 
They spent a lot of time with Him and yet didn’t get the subtlety of His comments. 
That doesn’t mean we are let off the hook. 

If you don’t understand, ask.
If you are confused or perplexed, ask again.
He does understand. 

He understands everything. 
Much better than you or I do. 
Just don’t expect Him to follow the rules of twenty questions. 

It’s not a game. 
But He is teasing you into a deeper and closer relationship with Him. 
He wants you to understand things that your mind will struggle to comprehend.

Yet He believes that if you listen with your spirit rather than your mind you’ll get it.