“No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse.
(Matthew 9:16 (NIV) 

No one in their right mind will do something silly, stupid or pointless. 
He was stating the obvious. 
He wants you to be aware of the plain truth. 

Not hiding behind great sounding words and phrases. 
Sound bites are not revelation but they can be snippets of truth. 
There is an incompatibility between what God is doing and what man plans to do. 

You cannot put God in a box. 
You cannot make Him do what you want Him to do. 
Neither can you go to Him expecting never having to change. 

There is an incompatibility. 
He has made the way for you to come to Him. 
Just as you are. 

He accepts you but cannot allow you to stay as you are. 
Otherwise your new life would tear you apart.
If you have ever wondered why some people who have had a dramatic testimony about their conversion only to slip back again. 

Do you wonder why having a life changing event you slip back to your old ways. 
Becoming half-hearted is worse than being cold. 
You become familiar and routine sets in.

Be on fire for Him or admit your cold heart.
For one or the other is a natural state of play. 
Being half-hearted means you are neither. 

You consider yourself too righteous to listen and change. 
Whereas those who know they are forgiven and loved embrace change. 
Whilst others need persuading that anyone who is perfect could possibly love them as they are. 

He can work with anyone who is on fire for Him.
He can also work with anyone who is humble and willing to change.
He can do nothing with a stubborn piece of rock.