Will he thank the servant because he did what he was told to do? (Luke 17:9)

What is your motive? 

Is your reasoning to create a convenient God? 

One where He serves your needs and wishes?

He may want to know why you think that you have a higher purpose than His. 

Don’t think you can get away with halfheartedness. 

For half a heart is as good as no heart. 

A heart only works when all the constituents are working. 

Failure of one part is usually fatal. 

You are not going to function at full capacity. 

This is not how you were designed nor created. 

He created you well. 

Gave you life to be lived to the full. 

Anything less than that is not what He intended. 

He is looking to see if you really want to serve Him or the other way round. 

He is looking to see your priorities and your focus. 

Anything less than eyes for Him is not good enough. 

It would tear you apart. 

Being wholehearted is for your benefit. 

You can’t run a race if you are halfhearted about it. 

Be willing to submit to His ways. 

He is doing it for your benefit. 

That you are fruitful. 

A blessing to many. 

For their benefit. 

He knows what you are capable of. 

After all He made you. 

He created you.