And I’ll say to myself, “You have plenty of grain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.”
(Luke 12v19 NIV)

His trust and confidence was in himself. 
More to the point he was self-centred. 
He was looking to make sure that he was Ok and comfortable. 

This still doesn’t seem very unreasonable. 
He is only doing what most of us would do. 
Especially if we came into some money unexpectedly. 

You could call it good stewardship. 
The blessing of God. 
His provision. 

The problem was. 
It was the blessing of God. 
For the ground gave increase unexpectedly. 

He wasn’t prepared. 
He wasn’t even expecting it. 
He wasn’t ready to deal with this sudden increase. 

It exposed the motives of his heart. 
It highlighted his thought process. 
It is not the blessing that is the problem.

It is your heart. 
It is your thoughts that betray you.
Conversely, what is your reaction when there is a loss? 

Suddenly his future was secure and safe. 
Everything was turning out better than he could’ve imagined. 
He could relax and enjoy himself.

He didn’t steal from anyone. 
He didn’t extort the grain from someone. 
He was sure of his future it didn’t matter how he lived from now on. 

However, He was still going to run out of grain eventually. 
He still needed to consider that issue. 
Even if there was abundance now. 

He wasn’t able to take a very long term view.
It didn’t guarantee abundance over the next few years. 
His immediate wealth was blinding him. 

He would be important. 
Looked up to.
He was being deceived by the false security of money, wealth and power.