So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick.”
(John 11v3 NIV)

They cared for Lazarus. 
Yet they knew where their hope was. 
They turned to the one who could help them. 

The one who could heal Lazarus. 
They needed Him to come straight away. 
For they knew Lazarus was gravely ill. 

He didn’t come straight away. 
Even though He got the message.
They waited for Him to come.

Are you still waiting or have you given up?
Remind yourself of what you have prayed for.
Then remind Him.

Starting with the things that are immediate write down all that you want to see happen. Recall anything that you prayed or asked for years ago and write those down. 
Ask Him what He thinks about your requests now.

He hears your requests. 
Do you hear His?