Your true reality

He wants you to believe what He says about you. Believe in Him all the time not just when you feel good about yourself. His love and compassion for you isn't based on how He feels, He doesn't have moods except one, a good one. Your trust in Him should be firmly based in His love not on your circumstances, so never give up hope. Chose to believe that He has got good things in store for you. He doesn't see any situation as hopeless. See it from His perspective. Make it your aim to believe in His goodness every [...]

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You are wonderful

God created you to be a person of hope. He is the God of hope and He made you to be just like Him. You may feel hopeless but it is not the truth about you. You have the ability to turn hopelessness into hope. He will guide you through the process step by step. He has provided everything you need and He will walk you through it. He knows how to communicate with you, not just through the Bible or through somebody else but directly to your doorstep. He is ever so creative and enjoys doing things differently. It [...]

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