The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. (John 10:2) 

He alone is the One.

The one true Shepherd. 

He will show you the way. 

He will guide and help you. 

He is for you. 

All the way, all the time. 

He has laid down His life for you. 

He never stops loving you. 

He never stops, full stop. 

His care is greater than any other. 

Run to Him. 

Throw yourself into His arms and embrace Him. 

He constantly thinks about you. 

Night and day He watches over you. 

Like a shepherd guarding his sheep. 

We are all His sheep. 

Even if we have aspirations to be the shepherd. 

His sheep know His voice. 

They recognise it every time. 

They see Him coming. 

They know it is Him. 

Don’t replace Him with a cardboard cutout. 

One of your own making and design.