Martha answered, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.”
(John 11v24 NIV)

Martha had been listening to what Jesus had been saying. 
I would presume that when Mary had been sitting at Jesus’ feet either Martha did the same or had heard enough to understand. 
Scripture doesn’t tell us. 

Martha wanted clarity. 

She was looking at His face intently. 
She examined His words carefully to see if He meant what she hoped He meant. 
This was clever of Martha. 

Not just a smart reply.
She was more astute than most. 
Use everything you have to tease out every crumb of hope. 

Emotional blackmail won’t work. 
But questions with a background of faith will. 
He is looking for faith.

Either in a person’s statement or in their actions. 
Usually both. 
He knows when you mean it and won’t let go until you get your answer. 

Faith is believing something so much that you cannot let it go.
No matter what.