Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”
(John 11v40 NIV)

He was trying to break the power and influence of the atmosphere around them. 
It was getting a grip of Martha and Mary. 
It was reaching the point where their unbelief would prevent Him from doing this miracle. 

He had to act. 
To remind them of what He said and who He was. 
He needed to drive home the message ‘if you believe…’. 

This was important for Mary, Martha and probably most of all for His disciples. 
If you face a dilemma it is easy to panic. 
Emotions and feelings can overwhelm you. 

When that happens.
Fear and worry have a field day. 
You can’t think straight. 

That is why it is vital to sit at Jesus feet and listen to Him when and while you can. 
Waiting until the pressure is on is a bit late. 
The Holy Spirit will remind you of what He has said. 

Have your spiritual ears open. 
Be willing to listen to that gentle reminder. 
Train yourself to listen and be a good listener. 

One day you will need it. 
He will train you in it. 
He is preparing you. 

Allow Him to do this and don’t resist Him.