“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died. 
(John 11v21 NIV)

I love this. 
Martha didn’t mess around. 
She got straight to the point. 
She confronted Jesus and this was all to her credit. 

She didn’t direct her criticism at anyone else. 
Not at Mary or herself but took the issue straight to Jesus. 
He can handle it. 

However, there is a better way. 
Martha was grieving for her brother. 
She was also upset for her sister. 

You may be upset over many things. 
For yourself or on behalf of others. 
You may have many questions. 

You may demand answers.
But never doubt His love. 
He cares passionately about you. 

Martha knew that Jesus could have prevented this. 
She didn’t know why He didn’t. 
She had no idea why He delayed so much. 

What it did do was expose her heart. 
Yet it also showed how much she believed in Him. 
She knew who He was. 

She also had confidence in Him. 
She wasn’t afraid to ask Him straight questions.
He wants to hear and see your heart. 

Don’t be passive. 
Engage with Him in a meaningful way.
Any other way is false humility and He knows it. 

He wants to talk to the real you. 
From the heart