Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.”
(John 11v23 NIV)

What a beautiful simple declaration. 
Jesus knew what was about to happen and yet chose His words carefully. 
He didn’t give anything away. 

He was drawing that faith out of her. 
He was giving her a prompt. 
The question is not whether God can.

The question is will He.
The solution is Jesus but the key is you. 
It could be that Jesus needed Martha to say the words. 

Almost as if it was to give Him permission. 

Your faith.
Your declaration.
Your prayer gives God permission. 

He can do anything. 
He will do it in partnership with us. 
You have a bigger role in this than you think. 

You are not a passive spectator. 
You are an active participant. 
It may not happen without you.

 This is important that you know your role in this. 
His plans and purposes. 
Everything may be conspiring against you. 

But He has everything going for you. 
Nothing can outwit God.