Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honour. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. 
(John 12v2 NIV)

What a wonderful scene. 
There must’ve been all lot of joy and excitement. 
Jesus was there and Lazarus was there. 

Mary and Martha must have been buzzing around everyone. 
Little did they know what was going to unfold in the next few days. 
Jesus knew.

Whatever your circumstances honour Him in everything you do. 
This is the simplest of settings. 
Notice the contrast to when He visited them preciously. 

Martha was serving without complaining. 
Lazarus was reclining with Jesus, alive. 
I would love to know what they talked about! 

The scene feels relaxed almost ordinary. 
Was Jesus’ visit to Bethany because of an invitation? 
It was certainly a celebration. 

It was also their way of showing appreciation for what He had done. 
They must’ve been aware that some powerful people were not very impressed with Jesus. 
It may have been risky to have this meal knowing how the Pharisees felt about Him. 

But it didn’t seem to stop them. 
The disciples we aware of the plot to kill Him. 
They thought they might die with Him when He went to raise Lazarus from the dead. 

Celebrating and worshipping Jesus invariably costs something. 
Honour Him with your life not just your attendance. 
Bodies and lips may move but hearts can be stationary.