When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. (Matthew 13v26 NIV)

Jesus is looking for people who will listen. 

Who let His promises grow within them. 

Have you got ears to hear or is it too noisy?

Listen to what He says. 

Believe it. 

Act according to what you believe. 

You are surrounded by noises and voices all trying to get your attention.

Making decisions difficult. 

His voice can be drowned out. 

He is speaking to you right now. 

Find somewhere quiet. 

Be still and wait. 

Then you can be alone with Him. 

Talking and listening. 

Chatting and learning. 

This is a relationship. 

You can’t have a relationship if you cannot hear what He is saying. 

He has so much to tell you. 

There is so much going on. 

You may be very busy, too busy to stop and wait. 

Demands are placed on you, where there is so little time. 

He wants to bring health and healing. 

To restore a foundation of love. 

Yet when He speaks who is listening to those healing words. 

He doesn’t stop calling. 

That someone will respond. 

Let it be you who says ‘yes Lord’.

This is not just about you. 

It is not just about how you feel or about your needs. 

It is about a world that is the grip of hopelessness.

There is a future. 

He is Hope. 

That hope lives in you. 

The weeds are all around.

Growing fast. 

But you are strong.