When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. 
(John 11v33 NIV)

If you think that Jesus didn’t care or was emotionally detached then think again. 
Yet what was troubling Him? 
What had deeply moved His spirit?

Was He upset for Mary? 
Yet He knew that Lazarus was about to be raised from the dead. 
He knew that her tears were just temporary and in a minute there would be rejoicing. 

Was He moved and troubled because this was a glimpse of events to come. 
He saw His own death. 
He saw that His time left on earth was very short. 

Your life is hid in Him and sometimes it is well hidden. 
Part of the process is to realise that. 
To get glimpses. 

To trust that you are in safe hands. 
That there is an eternal purpose for what is happening not just random events. 
Being overcome with emotion is not a sin. 

Manage it don’t let it manage you.
It is not even the problem. 
Doubt is the problem. 

Having questions is OK. 
Not bothering to find the answers is not so good.
And thinking you have the answers is not a solution.

He does and He wants to share them with you.