When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. 
(Luke 24:50 NIV)

How wonderful to be blessed by Jesus.
He still does it today.
He is the blessing.

Just know His love.
His goodness.
And His kindness.

It is more than a church service.
More than a hearty song.
He is The Blessing.

Nothing else compares.
He may take you outside your comfort zone.
He may take you away from the familiar.

He could’ve done what He did anywhere.
He did it near Bethany.
This was a significant place.

It was deliberate and purposeful.
Everything He does and says is intentional. 
He doesn’t treat you casually.

He loves you too much for that.
You matter to Him.
More than He matters to you. 

He doesn’t love you out of duty.
He doesn’t do it grudgingly.
He doesn’t complain about you.

He doesn’t follow His feelings and emotions.
And He certainly doesn’t follow yours.
He loves and He is love personified.