While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven. 
(Luke 24:51 NIV)

This was His time.
He was leaving them.
But He was also going to be with them forever.

Every step of the way.
They may have hoped He would stay with them for longer.
He hasn’t left you either.

He is with you and for you.
You may not see Him with your eyes.
But He sees you.

Long for Him.
Be hungry for His presence.
But don’t be desperate.

He is with you.
Close by.
Very near.

No matter what you have gone through.
No matter what you are going through.
He is with you.

He knows you and He sees you.
Faith means you believe.
Believing means you believe.

There is nothing religious about it.
Your relationship with Him can and should be deeper than any other.
Even though you cannot physically see or touch Him.

Just because you can’t.
Doesn’t make Him any less real.
He is more real than the world around you.