On his arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. 
(John 11v17 NIV)

Four days was a long time. 
It must have seemed like an eternity. 
Can you imagine the emotions Mary and Martha had to go through. 

The pain, hurt and disappointment. 
Where was Jesus? 
Why didn’t He come straight away? 

Why didn’t He heal him? 
All He had to do was speak the word. 
Why did He let him die? 

Does that sound callous or indifferent? 
Do your emotions get the better of you? 
Your emotions cannot dictate God’s plans. 

Although He is a God with emotions. 
He is not ruled by them. 
Nor is He manipulated by yours. 

Waiting on God can seem painfully slow. 
It seems like He has forgotten or doesn’t care. 
He does care, very much. 

But He has a higher purpose than your immediate needs. 
Sometimes waiting is part of the process. 
It can seem so pointless. 

It seems so inefficient. 
But He thinks differently to you or I. 
He sees the bigger picture. 

Trust that He knows best. 
Believe He really knows what He is doing.