This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous (Matthew 13:49) 

He doesn’t want you to be disappointed. 

That you have been barking up the wrong tree. 

Seek Him, now. 

Turn you affection to Him while you can. 

Allow Him in. 

He is so full of love for you. 

A day does not go by when He doesn’t think of you. 

You are always on His mind and in His thoughts. 

Give a thought to Him. 

Turn your attention to Him. 

One day there will come a time when you will be at the centre of His gaze. 

There will no walls to hide behind. 

Be ready now. 

Take it seriously. 

Don’t be put off. 

Now matter what has happened. 

There are no excuses. 

He holds his hands open to you. 

He knocks on the door.

But it is up to you to open it. 

He won’t break it down. 

The knocking may be loud or soft. 

Whatever, just open the door. 

It will be the best thing you have ever done. 

The love in His eyes. 

The love in His voice. 

It will overwhelm you.