You are the light of the world
(Matthew 5:14 NIV)

This simple statement says it all. 
This is who you are. 
This is what you are. 

It is your identity. 
There is nothing more important, individually or corporately. 
You are light and you are hope. 

You are the answer that begs a question. 
People will look at you and wonder. 
They will see the light that you have. 

The world will ask the question. 
They will want to know who you are. 
They will perceive that you are from a different culture.

When Jesus said these words He didn’t qualify them. 
He didn’t say you will become the light of the world when you are good enough. 
No, you are that light right now. 

You already shine.
How brightly you shine is up to you. 
This light dispels the darkness and attracts people. 

It is the very light of heaven in you. 
It is the glory of God in you. 
They will see Him in you and that is how it is meant to be. 

They will love you because they love Him first. 
They will hate you because they hate Him first. 
Let people see and experience the light that is in you. 

Believe that you are light to the world. 
The words you have will bring life. 
They will bring encouragement. 

The love that will emanate from you will be His love flowing through you. 
The world is looking for answers. 
They want more than mere words.

They want a demonstration. 
Something they can touch. 
Something they can see as well as hear. 

You have that within you. 
The answer, complete and unabridged. 
You lack nothing because He that lives in you lacks nothing. 

That is why we can say ‘nothing is impossible’. 
With confidence we say ‘all things are possible’.
Simply because it is not us alone but it is Him in us. 

The beauty and genius of this is that He is quite happy to use flawed and broken people. 
If you have made mistakes or messed up you instantly qualify.
The light that shines in you is His light. 

It isn’t a dimmed, weak or ineffective light. 
It isn’t a broken bulb. 
It is the light of His glory. 

It is His kingdom seen in you. 
An expression of His love and His joy. 
It is the light of the good news that He cares passionately about every single person. 

The world deserves an encounter with Him. 
There is so much darkness where the enemy has had a field day. 
Destroying people’s lives and relationships. 

He wants to heal and restore. 
He is going to do it through you.
He has a cunning plan and a wonderful strategy.