Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 
(John 11v25 NIV)

Jesus is so canny and He doesn’t give too much away. 
Even though He knew exactly what she was fishing for. They were trading words. 
She was trying to get something from Him and yet He wasn’t on the back foot. 

He was drawing something out of her. 
There are seeds of wisdom and understanding already within you. 
They are there. 

The Holy Spirit is going to help them germinate. 
What God is doing is drawing what He has put there already out of you. 
He is simply upgrading you when you face trials and difficulties. 

We often can’t get our head around it. 
But it is true. 
He is getting the best out of you even though it seems counterproductive and counterintuitive. 

This why worship is isn’t just singing songs it is the very essence of your being. 
Worship Him in spirit not just your voice. 
Worship Him in truth not just in the words of a song. 

Trusting Him completely and rejoicing that there is hope. 
More than hope. 
An expectation of something greater and even more wonderful. 

If you would but believe.