Now the crowd that was with Him when He called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the dead continued to spread the word. 
(John 12v17 NIV)

This was unstoppable and Jesus knew it wasn’t going to stop until He was crucified. 
He knew that what The Father had planned all along was coming together. 
Whatever happens, there was no going back. 

He knew that. 
No matter what the Pharisees did they couldn’t undo what was about to happen. 
Jesus was not controlling events and yet He was fully in control. 

He trusted His Father and was trusting Him now. 
People were excited and couldn’t help themselves. 
The news of His arrival spread like wildfire. 

Everyone believed the hype and the rumours. 
What looked like a time of celebration was about to turn nasty. 
The tone of the party would change in an instant. 

The disciples were probably on a high. 
They must’ve thought this was it. 
Their moment of fame and glory had come. 

Here was Jesus about to be crowned king. 
And they were his disciples. 
The sounds and the sights must have been overwhelming. 

Jesus was under no illusions. 
Despite the darkness that was to come. 
There was a light and that light was the light of men. 

He was never meant to be a political figure. 
But a culture changer through the hearts of men and women. 
He was about to give His life to win the hearts of billions of people.

Like you and me.