The reason my Father loves Me is that I lay down my life —only to take it up again. (John 10:17)

How much do you love?

Do you love like Him?

He was willing to be obedient. 

Whatever it cost. 

His relationship with the Father was firmly rooted in love. 

This was the only motive. 

The Father knew of His son’s willingness. 

He knows the cost. 

And He knows the final outcome. 

There was no uncertainty. 

Be certain of your hope. 

It cannot be misplaced. 

Hope in anything else is not hope. 

He is Hope personified. 

Your relationship with Him matters. 

Without it you cannot serve His purposes. 

You cannot truly love. 

For He is pure love. 

To know His love is to surrender all. 

Leaving nothing behind, just in case. 

He is your all or He is your nothing. 

A relationship with Him is more than being on a rota. 

More than a list of dos and don’ts. 

Let your relationship with Him flourish.