A town built on a hill cannot be hidden
(Matthew 5:14 NIV)

Make your light shine. 
This speaks of corporate worship and devotion to God. 
He likens the church, His Body and His Bride to a town on hill. 

The church was never meant to be nestling in the valley but should be for the world to see. 
At night they will see it as a safe haven. 
A place of rest and restoration. 

We hide because we don’t want to let God down. 
We know that we are imperfect. 
But He shines brightly through you and me. 

He is not ashamed of His church. 
He wants the world to see His beautiful bride. 
To wow the world with His splendour and glory. 

This is the time for the church to become visible. 
To become what the world longs for. 
To be what creation is groaning for. 

The town on a hill is to be noticed. 
It won’t be perfect but He is. 
And that is all that matters.