Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light” 
(John 11v9 NIV)

Jesus was aware of the real dangers. 
Yet He wasn’t about to avoid them. 
He was led by The Spirit not by feelings whether they be fear or pleasure. 

He was walking in the light. 
Not allowing the darkness around Him to cause Him to stumble. 
There was resistance even from the disciples. 

You will inevitably face resistance if you decide to follow Jesus. 
Learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. 
At all times. 

Just don’t expect it to be nice, warm and fuzzy all the time. 
He isn’t averse to taking you through dangers or difficulties. 
We, by nature, are generally risk averse.

Are you more acutely aware of what people think than what God thinks?
This needs an honest answer.
You can’t be a man pleaser (including yourself) and please God at the same time. 

At some point there is going to be a conflict.
An internal one, that will cause you stress. 
Be ready to ask Him, “what am I really afraid of?”

Let Him show you. 
It will be like being at the cinema. 
Whatever He shows you let your focus be on who God is. 

Not what you aren’t.

Despite what he shows you He always has a smile for you.
Try to imagine Him smiling at you. 

It is better to do it here and now.
Don’t put it off to a large date.
That later date never arrives, it is always late.

Everyone is answerable to Him. 
So do it now and get it over with.
He is your creator.

He is a Judge as well as a father.
He wants to make judgements in your favour.
Give reason to do so.

A way of defining the ‘Fear of God’ is like being more concerned about missing what God has for you than it is of being punished. 
As you face each one of your fears ask God to reveal Himself. 
See your fear from His perspective. 

Be in awe of God. 
Every day. 
Turn your face away from the problem and look into His face.