And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God.
(Luke 24:53 NIV)

At the last account of Jesus appearing to His disciples (in Luke’s gospel). 
He takes them from Jerusalem to Bethany before He ascended. 
Why Bethany? 

To them Bethany would be a significant place. 
It was the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. 
It was familiar ground.

Were they there? 
Was anyone else there?
It seems possible. 

Because they walked there. 
Surely people would’ve seen them. 
And seen Him. 

They would’ve been well known to everyone. 
It doesn’t say but we can only imagine.
Yet nothing is straightforward with Jesus.

He was able to keep His identity from people. 
He does that today. 
People know of Jesus as a famous character. 

They have seen Him in films. 
But too few know Him. 
Do you know Him as He really is?

He is more than a historical figure. 
You can have a deeply personal relationship with Him. 
This is not a fantasy story. 

His last words are important.
His last action was to bless them. 
Do so likewise, leave a blessing wherever you go.

There was significance in being near Bethany. 
Lazarus rose from the dead. 
And Jesus ascended from the same place. 

He is with you and for everyone. 
He didn’t do it in Jerusalem. 
The most obvious place to do something significant. 

He did it outside. 
He wanted them to remember. 
To know that the gospel was for all. 

For those on the outside of society. 
For those considered of less importance. 
The gospel was going to the world. 

They were going to carry the message. 
He wasn’t just a king of the Jews. 
He was King of all. 

The true and only King of kings. 
Notice that they responded by worshipping. 
They continued in praise. 

They returned to Jerusalem. 
To the familiar but nothing was the same. 
All that was about to change. 

In the most dramatic way. 
Your life will change dramatically. 
When you meet Jesus. 

And just when you get comfortable it changes again. 
Constant change is here to stay.
Because He isn’t finished with you.

He loves you too much to leave you as you are.
Even though He loves you just as you are.
Love Him with all of your heart.