“and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
(John 11v26 NIV)

He is still being quite cryptic. 
This suggests that He is making a very important point. 
He is trying to emphasise the eternal over the temporal. 

Even though the issue at hand was the resurrection of Lazarus it had an even greater significance.
Most things that Jesus said and did had a greater and deeper significance. 
If you believe in Him, then trust in Him. 

This means actually trusting Him. 
If you believe that He loves you then rejoice. 
He wants you to live the fullest life you can. 

He sees you as wonderful despite your best efforts to the contrary. 
Throw your all in with Him.
There is no half-heartedness about this. 

He is never half-hearted about you. 
The truth demands your all not just a little when convenient.