“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— (John 10:14)

Does He know you?

Do you know Him?

How well do you know Him?

He knows you well enough but that is only half the relationship. 

To know Him is to love Him. 

Yet a fear grips people at the thought. 

His love knows no bounds. 

Yet love at a distance seems safe. 

Draw close to Him. 

He will never reject you. 

All you can do is reject Him. 

It is easily done. 

It doesn’t even feel deliberate. 

But it is done all the same. 

It happens when you walk away from Him instead of to Him. 

His face seems further away. 

Everything else seems close at hand. 

More immediate. 

His voice seems distant. 

Barely audibly. 

Turn yourself around. 

Before He becomes a distant memory, of days gone by.

Strengthen yourself, strengthen your spirit. 

Turn your eyes towards Him.

Incline your ears to Him. 

He is closer than you think. 

More loving than you can imagine.