Therefore many of the Jews who had come to visit Mary, and had seen what Jesus did, believed in him. 
(John 11v45 NIV)

People often need to see a miracle or a sign to believe. 
We are no different.
The whole point is that we may believe.

This was a deeply religious society. 
Yet this very culture resisted what Jesus wanted to do. 
They refused to believe except with an extra-ordinary miracle. 

They wanted hard evidence. 
They were skeptical and cynical. 
Yet God worked through this to help them believe. 

He goes out of His way to demonstrate His love and His glory. 
Time and time again. 
Have a heart to believe.

When God does something celebrate it. 
Remember it and recall it. 
The Holy Spirit will help you.

It is possible that the abuse of power by the religious leaders made them that way. 
It was controlling and manipulative.
He was going to break that cycle.

Lazarus was a demonstration of His goodness and grace. 
It wasn’t just for Lazarus’ benefit. 
This event left an indelible print on their minds. 

The question was, would it affect their heart. 
They believed when they saw the miracles. 
That did not necessarily mean they were ready to follow Him. 

Jesus was confronted the hardness of their hearts.
He challenge their hypocrisy. 
And exposed their motives.

Learn to love.
Allow His love to fill your heart.
Let Him in, He is knocking.