“But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.”
(John 11v22 NIV)

Notice she didn’t wallow in self pity.
She didn’t criticise Him. 
She didn’t launch a tirade against Him. 

She didn’t blame Him. 
Even though she was possibly disappointed and probably frustrated. 
Enveloped in a supercharged emotionally driven environment. 

Somehow her heart was soft enough to know His heart. 
She was pragmatic. 
She knew enough about Jesus to know that all was not lost. 

Even though it looked like it was hopeless. 
She had faith in Jesus. 
Martha’s statement is so wonderfully profound. 

She believed in Him against all the odds. 
Despite her own feelings and all the evidence before her. 
We can easily underestimate this simple statement. 

Especially when we know the outcome. 
She believed despite what she could see and hear (the wailing of the mourners).
Martha also knew how devastated Mary was. 

Yet didn’t allow her emotions to cloud her faith in Him. 
We could learn a lot from this. 
She must’ve been hurting and disappointed.

What is your response going to be when situations look hopeless and inevitable? 
Are still going to believe? 
Against all the odds? 

What you see and hear isn’t necessarily the final word.
So, praise Him in the middle of it all.
Don’t wait for the storm to clear, now is the time.