You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”
(John 12v8 NIV)

Jesus was not being callous. 
He was emphasising that Mary was doing something of great significance and value. 
Jesus must always comes first, always. 

His presence was greater than their environment. 
There was so much need around them.
Yet He was the true answer to all that need.

The enemy had got them off track.
To focus on the problem not the solution.
He is the solution and answer to every need.

Their minds were full of criticism. 
They objected to this extravagance. 
The smell of the perfume filled the air. 

Jesus cut through their thoughts.
Evan as Judas’ words were ringing in their ears. 
He got straight to the point.

What words ring in your ears? 
What do your thoughts dwell on? 
The goodness and kindness of God or past failures and hurts?

They resented how Mary worshipped Jesus.
There was an element of jealousy.
They thought Jesus should’ve stopped her.

What Judas had said echoed what they were feeling. 
Didn’t Jesus demonstrate and talk about looking after the poor and needy? 
Wasting all this money felt wrong. 

Jesus sensed their thoughts.
He would break the spell.
What Mary was doing, to Him, was beautiful.

The atmosphere in the room was becoming toxic. 
Jesus shifted it with a word from Heaven. 
Nobody was able to respond. 

When Jesus speaks it wakes you up as if from a dream.  
Listen carefully to what He says. 
Open your ears and your heart.