Then the Jews said, “See how he loved him!”
(John 11v36 NIV)

Jesus identified with those around Him. 
So surround yourself with Him. 
He knew who and what He was yet He can identify with you. 

He did indeed love Lazarus. 
He loved everyone. 
It is possible He realised what was going to happen to Him. 

That He too was going to be laid in a tomb and that many would grieve because of Him. 
Even though the world would rejoiced. 
His love for you is real. 

It is not just words on a page. 
Nor just an encouraging message from a preacher. 
Make His love real to you. 

Learn to be loved. 
Open your heart that He may fill it with His love. 
You have to be certain of it before you can really share it. 

It requires you to open your heart for Him fully. 
He wants to fill it. 
He won’t force His way in. 

He is not a burglar or a thief. 
So welcome Him in. 
Every day keep the doors of your heart open. 

Allow Him access to every part of your heart. 
Keep nothing off limits.