Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. (Matthew 13v8 NIV)

This is what the seed was made for.

This is where it is meant to be.

Seek to be the place where it grows at its best.

If what you are doing is not conducive to growth.

Change it to allow His seed to grow and multiply.

How you respond is what matters.

Your responsibility is to ensure that you feed well.

He provides everything for your nourishment and health.

Create the environment where you are going to grow.

That is up to you.

He will provide everything that you need.

Recognise what are stumbling blocks.

Identify what pulls you away from Him and remedy it.

You were designed to grow and bear fruit.

A sign of a healthy plant or tree.

If there is no fruit then what are you doing it for.

Although not everything is instant.

Without fruit the plant cannot replicate itself.

Fruit will only come where the ground is good and the tree is healthy.

Be healthy and cultivate the ground.

You will show others the way.

Demonstrate to others that they too can produce healthy life giving fruit.

Be a fruit bearing tree.

Be a forerunner.

You have to do the ground work.

Overcoming barriers.

Demonstrating what it looks like.

Allow Him to love through you.

Let His heart find a home in you.

Call on Him and do not shrink back.

You have more to offer than you think.

Do not think just about money.

Think kingdom impact and transformation.

You are more than the salary you get.

What you carry is priceless.

You have more than enough to give away.

Enjoy it and release it.