“Where have you laid him?” he asked. “Come and see, Lord,” they replied.
(John 11v34 NIV)

Jesus is consumed with a passion for you. 
He is interested in all that you do. 
He doesn’t just solve problems for you. 

They kept faith with Him.
They didn’t rant and rave and stomp off.
They didn’t allow themselves to be overcome with emotion.

He engages with you to show you that you are part of the solution. 
Jesus is not at your beck and call. 
He is not a slot machine to satisfy our desires. 

Open your heart up to Him. 
Listen to Him and let Him fill your heart with peace and joy. 
There is nothing like it. 

He will ask you direct questions. 
Answer simply. 
Don’t try to be clever, you’ll never impress Him. 

His questions lead you to the answer. 
You can do no more than follow Him. 
Only He knows where you are going.