Then he left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.” (Matthew 13v36 NIV)

He has so much to say.

But are we ready to listen?

He is willing to explain.

You will hear the truth.

Revelation is waiting for those who will hear.

Give time to Him and sit at His feet to listen.

Some will reject what He says.

Too familiar.

Walking away shaking their heads.

His words speak directly into the heart.

They bypasses the brain.

And avoid human logical.

Your mind has a superficial understanding.

But only the spirit of a person can interpret and understand.

Allow Him to reveal the deep truths of His gospel.

The kingdom is more than eating and drinking.

It is more than attending a meeting.

It is serving His purposes.

He is the one that gathers us together.

See what the Father wants.

The show the world the reality of the gospel.

The world hasn’t seen very often.

The power of a creative mind that is inspired by My Holy Spirit.

A mind directed by the heart influenced by the spirit.

Those who came to Him will not fail to see Him.

You will hear Him.

And you will know Him.

Gather around His heart not just His words.

Be one with Him.

You will understand in such a way the world cannot grasp.

Don’t harden your heart in unbelief.

Be unwilling to surrender all.

You will see Him.

If others are offended by that let them.

His gospel is an offence.

It is a challenge to our very way of life.

Jesus was not afraid to offend.