Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he forgave the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?”
(Luke 7:42 NIV)

You can never do enough to pay back. 
No amount of serving. 
No amount of activity. 

Not even to give your life as a sacrifice. 
It is the heart of the matter to recognise your need. 
And the impossibility of you ever doing enough to get back into the black. 

Train yourself to think that way. 
You cannot earn it. 
Nor do enough. 

To think you can is the greatest tragedy of all and the greatest deception. 
Blind to the true nature and seriousness of your condition. 
Only He forgives your debt. 

He wipes the slate clean. 
You can’t do anything to deserve it. 
Because it is based entirely on grace and not on works.

Love is not the same as law. 
Ask Him to examine your heart. 
Let Him show you the depth of His forgiveness. 

Do not think for one minute that you in anyway deserve it? 
Or do you think you have done enough to earn His grace?
Do you feel entitled?

It is His deepest love for you. 
That He wants you to understand the completeness of what He has done. 
To bring you back from the edge. 

The more you recognise your need.
The more you will see the extent of the debt forgiven. 
It will melt your heart.

He will show you. 
All you have to do is believe. 
So accept His work of grace. 

Do not let your pride make excuses. 
Walk debt free. 

You will walk as if on air. 
Let His love flood your being. 
As you experience it first hand.

You will feel lighter in your being.
As He removes the burden of guilt and shame. 
So stop carrying around with you.