Many people, because they had heard that he had performed this sign, went out to meet him. 
(John 12v18 NIV)

He was a spectacle. 
He was a curiosity. 
People were (and still are) fascinated with Him. 

Whether they believe in Him or not.
He is an enigma. 
Nobody else in history has been talked about so much. 

People failed to see was what was about to happen. 
They must’ve known that the leaders were not going to sit back and let this happen.

The intense pressure on Jesus at this time must have been unbearable. 

It seems surreal. 
He knew was about to take place.
It was for every single man and woman ever.

It must’ve have been quite a spectacle. 
It was like a play was being played out before their very eyes. 
This was the most momentous event in history, theirs and ours. 

Signs and wonders will always attract people. 
But only when you look into His eyes of sheer love. 
And wipe His feet with your tears do you actually encounter Him.

Don’t be a passive observer. 
Be an active partaker. 
Open your heart wide to Him, every day.