Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it, as it is written:
(John 12v14  NIV)

He knew who He was. 
He knew that He was a king. 
The King of kings. 

Unfortunately just not their kind of king. 
Jesus knew the scriptures and that the donkey was a fulfilment of them. 
This was all part and parcel of what was to take place. 

Your identity is in Him not in what you have done.
Know who you are. 
Remain humble. 

Know what you can do. 
Do it without fanfare. 
It is between God and you. 
Don’t do anything just to impress anyone. 

The only one you should impress isn’t easily impressed. 
Do what you do out of love for Him and His love for others. 
Enjoy blessing people. 

He does. 
He wants the world to know and see that His church is THE blessing to the nations. It starts in the marketplace and in the workplace. 

It starts with you. 
You can make people’s day. 
They may not even realise it. 

They don’t have to. 
He does. 
Great opportunities will come your way.