And he told them this parable: “The ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant harvest. 
(Luke 12:16 NIV)

The man was already rich and he was about to get richer. 
Prosperity was round the corner. 
It seemed that even the ground wanted to add to his wealth. 

The elements were on his side. 
He could not fail. 
He was on a roll and there was no stopping him. 

Life was good. 
He assumed he deserved it. 
Earned it. 

There can be a false modesty when things are going well. 
We make an assumption that when things are going well He is pleased with us. 
We take no thought. 

We don’t need His help. 
There are no checks and balances. 
We don’t examine our heart. 

It is all superficial. 
But not with God.
He knows your inner thoughts and motives. 

Being part of a big church does not mean all is well. 
Earning a large income does not guarantee prosperity. 
Holding an important position does not ensure immunity. 

This is not about performance but is all about the heart. 
Don’t be mistaken. 
God wants to bless and increase. 

It isn’t a license to just get rich.
Or get all that you want. 
Don’t be envious. 

When you see the rich get richer. 
The successful become even more successful. 
Watch and guard your heart. 

Look to Him who gives increase. 
Not every increase is the blessing but it could be.
Increase for increase sake is not a good thing. 

The culture of this world is at odds with the culture of Heaven. 
They are not the same.
The Spiritual realm is greater than this one.

His kingdom will increase.
It is pure.
The world and its system will devour itself. 

Serve the better kingdom. 
Based on love not greed or performance.