The next day the great crowd that had come for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem.
(John 12v12 NIV)

The rumour mill was now in full swing. 
The disciples must’ve thought that this was Jesus’ time.
He was going to made king or something like that. 

He will finally, show them who is boss. 
To take His place at the top and liberate the jews. 
They must’ve thought that He was going to His coronation, not His crucifixion. 

Avoid being swept along by the tide of popular opinion. 
The majority does not equal right. 
The prospects must have looked promising.

Enthusiasm can get the better of you. 
You can miss the whole point. 
What Jesus had said before had suddenly been lost in the excitement. 

This was a showdown and it was showtime. 
Don’t be caught up in the moment.
Emotions can get the better of you.

Listen to what Jesus is saying. 
Remember what He has said.
He doesn’t waste His words.

Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you. 
See what He is doing. 
To open your eyes and ears. 

See and hear what the Spirit is saying. 
It won’t necessarily be the obvious. 
He will show you and remind you.