The other guests began to say among themselves, “Who is this who even forgives sins?”
(Luke 7v49 NIV)

How long does it take to restore someone who has fallen? 
Do you judge and condemn someone who has fallen, sinned and say that they are permanently disqualified. 
If He forgives then you forgive, no question. 

You should forgive others their failings and forgive yourselves. 
How many times should you forgive? 
Lots and lots. 

More than you can count. 
We can’t make people forgive us but we can forgive others. 
Forgiveness is very powerful to heal but bitterness is very destructive to destroy.

If you struggle to forgive someone keep trying, ask God to bless them. 
Forgiving them means you do just that. 
You forgive them from your heart.

They don’t even need to know.
Your actions will speak volumes. 
When you forgive them you release yourself as well as them. 

Ask God to give you a heart that doesn’t judge. 
It is possible to love everyone and want the best for them.
They don’t have to deserve it by earning it.

If someone has hurt you deliberately or otherwise forgive them. 
Say it out loud, you need to hear it. 
You don’t have to go to them (unless God tells you specifically to do so). 

It is you that has to forgive and also repent of any bitterness, anger or hatred. 
You are free to forgive.
You are like your Heavenly Father, forgiving.