He thought to himself, ‘What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.’
(Luke 12:17 NIV)

This demonstrates the self-centredness of our lives. 
Where we have a discussion with ourselves. 
This is where you find where our own thoughts are. 

Talk to Him and He answers. 
Reason with yourself and you’ll convince yourself of anything. 
He is Wisdom personified. 

Who is king in your life? 
Who do you listen to? 
Whose counsel do you receive? 

It has been said that 80% of the words you listen to are your own. 
Isn’t it worth listening to the One who knows everything?
Take the time to fill your thoughts with His thoughts.

This man had a problem.
He had too much and was in danger of losing it. 
He looked for a solution within himself. 

You have a choice when you face an issue. 
Who do you go to? 
Do you filter it according to what you want to hear?

Do you end up worrying about it? 
Mulling all the options over in your head? 
Do you ask His advice? 

This man only considered what he could achieve.  
He had no-one to turn to. 
No-one to advise or guide him. 

You have the Holy Spirit to guide you and advise you, 
You may not like what He says but you always have that option.
Whether you listen is up to you.