Jesus wept.
(John 11v35 NIV)

You are not a failure if you are emotional or sensitive. 
Why He wept we don’t know. 
He knew Lazarus would be raised from the dead. 

It shows one thing that He was fully man. 
He had a full set of emotions. 
He wasn’t afraid or ashamed to show them either. 

People know that He wept. 
Yet people think He doesn’t care. 
If He is capable of weeping then He is capable of understanding us. 

You are more than just another person. 
Lazarus was nobody special by the worlds standards. 
Yet Jesus made a home with that family.

Has He a home with you? 
Do you make Him welcome like Mary, Martha and Lazarus did?
He wants to make His home with you. 

Go out of your way to make Him feel welcome. 
Embrace Him. 
Wash His feet with your tears. 

Take time to celebrate Him. 
He is the most important person in your life.
Get rid of stuff and things that get in the way. 

Allow Him full access. 
You will be privileged to see and meet the real Jesus. 
Not some sterile, manmade, religious iconic figure.