“Do not be afraid, Daughter Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt.”
(John 12v15 NIV)

We think that much of scripture is just full of imagery. 
Here was an event that leaped straight out of the pages of an ancient book. 
God is more than just words written in a Bible. 

Jesus is more than a story. 
He is not a fantasy figure. 
As if a fairy tale that you wish was true. 

Like a film at the cinema that you watch. 
But you are in this one and it is real. 
Be in the film and not in the audience. 

You are part of the script and what you do and say influences the outcome. 
It is an interactive film. 
You get a say on what happens. 

You are one of the main characters in the film.
You are more than an extra. 
Know that He has called you. 

You have permission to change your environment. 
He expects you to do something about. 
More than grumble or complain. 

Jesus was The King of kings. 
Yet He was also the Servant King. 
It is beyond our ability to fully comprehend. 

He, as the Son of God rode a donkey into Jerusalem. 
With a large crowd believing He is to be their next new king. 
It was the day they were waiting for. 

Know who He really is. 
Know who you really are. 
Don’t underestimate the influence you have. 

The only way to find out is to spend time with Him.
Quantity as well as quality. 
He will reveal Himself to you so that you can know the real you.