Then they worshiped Him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy. 
(Luke 24:52 NIV)

Worship and joy go together.
They are meant to be inseparable.
They knew who He really was.

They may have had doubts before.
They certainly didn’t understand everything He said.
Now it was crystal clear.

This was worship for who He was.
It was spontaneous.
There wasn’t an allocated worship leader.

No musicians (as far as we know).
We are meant to be worshippers.
Those are the ones He is looking for.

Worship is meant to be from the heart.
Deliberate and intentional.
It is in response to revelation from heaven.

More than just memorable lyrics from a catchy tune.
Worship Him at all times.
Whatever you feel like.

It is your sacrifice of praise.
Let your heart be full of praise.
It will lighten the load.

Bless others as you go about your business.
Bless, don’t curse.
Don’t criticise.

You are better than that.
Look for the good in people.
If you can’t find any, make something up.

He loves every person who annoys you.
He loves them passionately.
He would like you to be the same.

He never said it would be easy.
Ask Paul.
But He did say it would be glorious.