While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper (Matthew 26v6)

Your identity isn’t in your name, nor in your job but in Him.
Jesus loves to spend time with you.
Nothing is too much bother because you are priceless to Him.
It has nothing to do with whether you are working class, middle class or upper class.
Whether you are unemployed or have a career as a top flight executive.
It has little if anything to do with your achievements or your failings.
Simon (in this account) was described as a leper.
This is not a great title to have linked to your name.

A leper was the lowest of the low.
He would’ve been a social outcast and a member of the unclean.
But He was loved by Jesus.
So no matter what you have done in the past you are never too far away from experiencing His love.
He is happy to visit you and hang out with you.
To talk and eat with you.
Nothing you have ever done can shock Him.
What is your identity in?
How would you describe yourself?
He has long term plans for you that may look completely different to where you are now.

Don’t dismiss as preposterous anything that God says just because it doesn’t resonate at the moment.
Ask Him how He sees you.
He knows you better than you know yourself.
He knows your true identity.