God created you to be a person of hope. He is the God of hope and He made you to be just like Him. You may feel hopeless but it is not the truth about you. You have the ability to turn hopelessness into hope. He will guide you through the process step by step. He has provided everything you need and He will walk you through it. He knows how to communicate with you, not just through the Bible or through somebody else but directly to your doorstep.

He is ever so creative and enjoys doing things differently. It seems He just wants to keep you on your toes. If you give yourself to the skill of listening you will hear Him loud and clear. Keep your eyes, ears and all your senses open because you may be surprised how He talks to you. If you doubt whether He will speak to you, remember what kind of father doesn’t make sure his child can hear him. He can hear you loud and clear and He is going to make sure you can hear Him.

He has put seeds of truth in you, they have been lying dormant but now you are going to see them grow. What could possibly be more exciting and thrilling than to see His dreams for you come true? When He made you He made something altogether wonderful, how could it be any other way? He has never lost hope in you.