for on account of Him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and believing in him.
(John 12v11 NIV)

This single miracle had such an impact that many believed. 
Which would account for the negative reaction of the religious leaders towards Jesus and Lazarus. 
Although Jesus had done many miracles this seemed to be the most dramatic. 

You never know what hornets nest you can stir.
It can set in motion events that can impact thousands. 
It doesn’t mean that you have to be at the centre of it all. 

But it could mean that it started with you. 
So, never give up doing good. 
Be loving and caring, for you never know what will come from it. 

There is no such thing as a simple acts of kindness. 
It is kindness. 
It is demonstrating His kind of love. 

You don’t necessarily have to raise someone from the dead. 
You can still be significant. 
All He asks is that you love. 

He thinks you are already significant. 
You can’t earn that. 
Let Him love through you.