The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me
(Matthew 26v11)

This wasn’t Jesus being callous.
These words were in the context of where they were and what was around them.
Bethany was a place for the poor, the unclean, the outcast and sick.

The point Jesus was making was that we should honour Him first.
Seek His kingdom first.
Then you will have the means and the resources to help others.

You are to love them with His love not to satisfy your own emotional needs.
He wasn’t saying don’t care for the poor.
Just avoid substituting works of service for true worship.

It is not either/or it is both.
Worship comes first as you offer yourself to Him.
He cares about the poor more than you could ever do.

Do you feel the urge to help someone just because they are in need?
Do you do it from an emotional response or do you do it because He has prompted you?
Can you tell the difference?

List all the things you are currently involved in and ask Him whether you should be doing them.
This could be very hard because you may feel that you may be letting people down.
If you feel guilty stop it, you are living for Him not for your emotions!